Having a lifetime fitness schedule isn’t something that is unattainable. To have a lifetime of fitness doesn’t mean that you are a guru when it comes to health. You just need to have a basic knowledge dealing with nutrition. And above all, you will have to be committed to health and wellness. But how do you attain this lifelong goal of being physically fit and healthy?

1. You Must Have A Diet That Is Healthy

Eating off of a menu of healthy foods does mean you have to make some sacrifices. You need to make sure that you minimize how much fat, sodium, and sugar that you take in. This isn’t going to mean that the rest of your life you will be stuck without desserts or even a soda. But unless you do some intense exercise and training, you will normally need to have a limit of calories.

For a diet to be considered a healthy one, you will have to take in plenty of fruits, whole grains, as well as vegetables if your body can handle them. Make sure you consult a doctor before going on any diet plan.

If you are going to eat meats, you would do well to make sure that they are lean meats. Lamb, fish, as well as poultry are lean meats that aren’t as bad for you as red meats. Eggs and fat free or low fat dairy products are normally good for your health as well. Avoid food that is processed and packaged. This is usually not part of a healthy diet.

2. Drugs, Tobacco, and Heavy Alcohol Should Be Avoided

The majority know that to have a lifetime fitness schedule, you will need to avoid drugs, tobacco, and heavy drinking. Once you start using drugs and tobacco, as well as heavy drinking, they are hard to stop. If you are abusing these substances already, then finding a way to stop is important. Make sure to consult a doctor before quitting immediately.

Health problems will result when over drinking. Some reports say that men shouldn’t drink more than 21 units a week, and women no more than 14 a week. A unit is equal to one beer, one shot involving a mixed drink, or a glass of wine.

3. Make Sure That You Move

The key to a lifetime fitness schedule is exercise. You need to make sure to tailor whatever exercise program to your level of fitness. Aerobic type exercises will help you lose weight, but you need to make sure this isn’t over done. You want to make sure your heart rate is raised, and that you sweat, but not to the point you overdo it and end up hurting yourself. Again, consult a doctor before starting any fitness program.

Many doctors say to work out from 3-5 times during a week’s time. You are more apt to stick to exercise if it is something that you enjoy. You can join classes or even find a partner to work out with if you have a problem sticking to a program of exercise. If others are involved, it is much easier.

It is so important to make sure that you have a lifetime fitness schedule. Have a routine of exercise, a good diet, and keep yourself moving. Always consult a doctor before starting any diet or fitness routine. If you do these things, you indeed will feel better, look better, and have a more satisfying life.

Having this lifetime fitness schedule will not just benefit you, but it will benefit your loved ones. They will be able to see more of you as you stick around longer in life. So if you haven’t started one yet, make sure that you start this routine today!